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Dog Training Pads bulk

My trained chihuahua now pees anywhere!?

My 10 months old chihuahua was trained to pee on the pee pad, she has been doing very well until recently. She misses the pad, pees right on the border of the pad or just pees in really random places, including near her bed.
I always keep a clean pee pad, so I know that the issue is not that she feels the pad is dirty…
What’s wrong with her? I spayed her about a month and a half ago… What should I do?

If she’s peeing on the edge, and as a result missing. What she’s probably doing is backing up to the edge to conserve space on the pad. From her point of view, she’s still on the pad, she doesn’t realize that the “important part” of her is hanging off the edge. My male used to do that on occassion. I stepped up on changing it more often.

As for the random places, there could be something medically wrong, or she could be irritated at you for some reason when she does it.

I’m not sure what you should do, but were it me, I’d start over. I’d put pads down, where she’s going. Let her get used to it again, and slowly, when I change them, I’d move them towards the original pad, until they are side by side, and you can go back down to one.

Edit: Michael… both of my chihuahuas are piddlepad trained. Neither of them potty willy nilly throughout the house. Both of them go only on the pad, or outside if the weather is nice. If done correctly, piddlepad training is quite effective and a godsend in bad weather, or if I have to be out for the afternoon and they can’t hold it. As for expense, it’s rather small. I buy bedliners for bedwetters in bulk at Sam’s Club. They are bigger, more absorbant, better quality, and cheaper than actual piddle pads sold for dogs.

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